“In dealing with work-family issues and E.U. members subscribe to one of four models. The third model is the market-oriented care model and the countries that adhere to it are Ireland, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These nations support more traditional norms for families and support the notion of mothers taking care of the home and children. For example, in Ireland and the UK, only recently have parents been allowed 14 weeks, whereas in The Netherlands they are allowed only part-time leave. Further, employers in Ireland and The Netherlands can choose to postpone leave requests if they believe an employee’s absence could cause problems at work. Fathers rarely take any unpaid leave. While the government does not do much to support working parents, employers do what they can.” (Komarraju)

Komarraju, M. (2006). Work and family: Cross-national comparisons, a Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia entry. Retrieved May 11, 2007, from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network website: