“The main interest of the “Happy Workaholic” is in the work domain, and he or she is primarily invested in work…Contrary to popular belief, “Happy Workaholics,” as we call them, can advocate for employees to realize both their company’s goals and what matters to them in their personal lives. Happy Workaholics serve as role models not for “balance” in the usual sense but, rather, for authenticity. Happy Workaholics closely examine their core values about work and personal life. They focus on acting in accord with these values. They know “in their bones” the benefits of expressing their values in their day-to-day actions. And they realize that not everyone’s values match theirs. Armed with this knowledge, they muster the credibility needed to genuinely encourage employees to act according to their own values….”

Friedman, S.D. & Lobel, S. (2003). The happy workaholic: A model for employees. Academy of Management Executive,17(3), 87-98.