“In dealing with work-family issues and E.U. members subscribe to one of four models. The second model is a family-centered care model and includes Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. In this model, some effort is made to recognize the value of women’s employment, even though men are considered to be the primary bread earners. Government policies encourage women to seek part time work while raising children and it is assumed that women will stay at home with infants. For example, Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany allow leave that is about three years for each child with a fixed, low rate of compensation. Even though fathers can also take this leave, social norms discourage men from doing so.” (Komarraju)

Komarraju, M. (2006). Work and family: Cross-national comparisons, a Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia entry. Retrieved May 11, 2007, from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network website: