“Disclosure, revealing a child’s disability or special needs outside the family, is used by parents in the work domain as an employment-based strategy to enhance work-life integration, particularly the fit between their work and exceptional caregiving responsibilities (Rosenzweig & Huffstutter, 2004). Parents may choose to disclose as a means to increase access to much needed workplace support and enhance organizational and interpersonal support, but the disclosure may not be risk-free and may heighten stigmatization and job insecurity (Ellison, Russinova, Mac Donald-Wilson & Lyass, 2003; Huffstutter, et al., 2007; Rosenzweig & Huffstutter, 2004).” (Brennan & Rosenzweig, 2008)

Brennan, E.M, & Rosenzweig, J.M. (2008, May). Parents of children with disabilities and work-life challenges: Presentation summary. Presented at the Alfred P. Sloan Work and Family Research Network Panel Meeting, Chestnut Hill, MA.