“Community integration, reflecting the capacity of the family’s social environment to support and sustain them physically, socially, and psychologically (Aubry & Myner, 1996; Jivanjee, Kruzich, & Gordon, 2007; Pledger, 2003; Salzer, 2006). When their children with disabilities are refused entrance to, or are asked to leave, community-based activities, such as childcare, sports clubs, or church gatherings, parents also are excluded from the adult social networks that support these opportunities for community integration, clearly affecting the family’s quality of life (Summers et al., 2005).” (Brennan & Rosenzweig, 2008)

Brennan, E.M, & Rosenzweig, J.M. (2008, May). Parents of children with disabilities and work-life challenges: Presentation summary. Presented at the Alfred P. Sloan Work and Family Research Network Panel Meeting, Chestnut Hill, MA.