The Ellen Galinsky Generative Researcher Award

Nomination and Selection Procedures


Recipients receive a framed award certificate and a check for $1,000.


Nominees must be WFRN members in the year the award will be made.

Nomination Procedure

Self nominations are accepted, as are nominations on behalf of nominees.  Nominations are submitted to the committee chair.

Nominations include the following:

  • A nomination letter – no longer than 5 single spaced pages – that includes the following as separate sections:
    • Summary of theory, measures or data sets that warrant recognition
    • Summary of breakthroughs that resulted from these theories, measures or data sets
    • Summary of diffusion that transcends collaboration
  • Nominee’s vitae.

Note – Upon recommendation of the award selection committee, nominations can rolled over, once, for consideration in the next award cycle.  Roll over nominations can be updated by the nominator or nominee in advance of the subsequent deliberation.

Committee Structure

The committee will be composed of 3-4 WFRN members, identified by the Vice President (who will invite the prior recipient to serve on the committee) and approved by the Executive Committee. The committee is established by April 1 of the non-conference year.

Selection Procedure

Recipients are selected on the following criteria:

  • Magnitude of breakthrough thinking via theory, measures or data sets
  • Extent that contributions led to application, innovation and diffusion
  • Extent that nominee shared opportunity in the spirit of open science

Award Selection Schedule

  • Executive Officer posts calls for nominations and applications – June 1, September 1, and November 1 non-conference year.
  • Nominations and application deadline – January 15 conference year.
  • Committee advances recommendations to Executive Committee – March 15 conference year.
  • Committee recommends (if needed) adjustments to the award procedures to Executive Committee – March 15 conference year.
  • Award Committee chair notifies recipient – April 15 conference year
  • Award is presented in advance of presidential plenary – June conference year

Awards Committee – 2024

  • Tammy Allen, Ph.D., University of South Florida, USA
  • Leslie Hammer, PH.D. (Award Chair) Oregon Health and Science University, USA
  • TBD
  • TBD