Stephen Sweet, PhD
Ph.D. Sociology
Professor of Sociology; Executive Officer, Work and Family Researchers Network
Ithaca College

Stephen Sweet’s research on work and opportunity relies on quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews, unobtrusive methods, experiments, and intervention approaches. His studies focus on couple-level decision making processes; career progression in the life course; gender and class inequalities; and the availability, use and outcomes of flexible work arrangements. He has held leadership positions in the advancement of teaching work-family concerns; published numerous articles on pedagogy, curriculum design, and program development; edited the journal Teaching Sociology; and is recipient of the Hans Mauksch Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education. In 2018 he received funding from the National Science Foundation to advance the quality of education in STEM fields with curriculum mapping.

His more recent books include The Handbook of Teaching Sociology (2023)  Changing Contours of Work (2021), The Work-Family Interface (2014), Work-Family Policy: International Comparative Perspectives (2012). His publications appear in journals including Work and Occupations, Generations, Research in the Sociology of Work, Sex Roles, Family Relations, New Directions in Life Course Research, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Marriage and the Family, and Community, Work, and Family.