Marc Grau-Grau, PhD
PhD in Social Policy
Assistant Professor of Social and Family Policies
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Marc Grau-Grau is an Assistant Professor of Social and Family Policies, a Vicedean of the Faculty of Education Sciences, and a Coordinator of the Joaquim Molins Figueras Childcare and Family Policies Chair the at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Marc has been a Research Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School (2016-2022), and he is a member of the Children Well-Being Research Network. He has taught at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and has held visiting positions at College of Business and Law in Israel (2019), the University of Bologna in Italy (2022) and Universidad Austral in Argentina (2023).

His research projects are organized into four programs: 1) work-family balance and fatherhood, 2) childhood and childcare, 3) family policies, and 4) education and family relationships. He is the co-editor of four books: The Work-Family Balance in Light of Globalization and Technology (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), The New Ideal Worker (Springer, 2019), Engaged Fatherhood (Springer, 2022) and Human Flourishing (Springer, 2023). His research appears in academic publications such as Organization, Journal of Family Issues, Journal of Business Research, Children & Society, and Revista Española de Sociología among others.

Marc has a Ph.D. in Social Policy from the University of Edinburgh, a Master in Political and Social Sciences from University Pompeu Fabra, and a degree in Business Administration from ESADE Business School.