Léa Pessin, PhD
PhD in Political and Social Sciences (Areas of specialization: Sociology and Demography)
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography
The Pennsylvania State University

Expertise I am a scholar of gender, work-family, and social inequality whose current research agenda uses innovative quantitative approaches to study the interplay of culture and structure in shaping cumulative inequalities over time and across the life course. My research centers around three complementary themes: the unequal consequences of the gender revolution on work and family outcomes; the intersection of social and gender inequalities across the life-course; and the contextual and individual determinants of gender attitudes. I exploit variation over time and countries in culture, policies, and practices as well as quantitative and demographic methods across these three research themes. My research has produced several peer-reviewed articles published in top journals, including Social Forces, The Journal of Marriage and Family, The European Sociological Review. In addition to my NICHD postdoctoral fellowship, I was awarded a 2018 Work and Family Researchers Network Early Career Fellowship as well Pompeu Fabra University’s Extraordinary Doctorate Award.