Krista Lynn Minnotte, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Sociology
Professor and Chair of Sociology
University of North Dakota

Dr. Minnotte is passionate about understanding the cultural and structural factors that shape the fabric of work and family life.  Her research unpacks the predictors and outcomes of corrosive work environments that harm workers by increasing their vulnerability to work-family stressors, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other forms of workplace abuse.  Her work also examines how to improve workplaces by increasing social support from coworkers, supervisors, and the workplace organization.

Dr. Minnotte’s research also spotlights the experiences of workers operating in specific contextual situations, such as workers embedded in dual-earner families, the STEM workforce, and those working in high stress, demanding careers.

Her latest collaborative project explores how faculty parents have coped with the work-family challenges brought on by COVID-19.  A new project exploring the fractured nature of motherhood in contemporary U.S. society is also in the works.