Alison T. Wynn, PhD
PhD, Sociology
Senior Research Scholar
Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab

Alison T. Wynn is a Research Associate with the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab. Her research examines organizational policies and practices designed to achieve greater equity and inclusion. In particular, she has studied recruiting practices, perceptions of cultural fit, flexibility programs, and DEI initiatives in industries such as technology, management consulting, and academic medicine. Her current research examines how to improve equity in performance evaluations and in hybrid/remote workplaces.
Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals including American Sociological Review, Gender & Society, and ILR Review. This work has received press coverage in outlets including Harvard Business Review, WIRED, and Forbes.
Wynn has also worked as Leader of Inclusion and Organizational Change Strategies with Exponential Talent LLC, Inclusion & Diversity Scientific Consultant with Forshay Inc., DEI Consultant with Illuceo Inc., and Human Capital Analyst with Deloitte Consulting. Wynn received an MA and PhD in sociology from Stanford University and a BA in English from Duke University.