Telecommuting (short version)


  • Ellen E. Kossek

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2003


  • Alternative Work Arrangements
  • Overwork
  • Technology
  • Telework
  • Work and Family


  • Industrial Relations


Telecommuting has implications for work-family studies since the design and structure of work itself can be one of the root causes of work/life conflicts. There are two competing schools of thought on the effects of teleworking on work-family conflict. Some scholars believe that telecommuting may reduce work-family conflict, by reducing commuting times, or allowing one to be closer to one’s children or elders should problems occur. Others believe it may increase work-family conflict since employees may work longer hours as they are working when office employees in similar jobs might be commuting, or eating lunch or socializing.

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