Perceived Usability of Work/Family Policies


  • Kelli J. Schutte
  • Susan C. Eaton

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2004


  • Public Policy
  • Work and Family


  • Business and Management


Often individuals feel constrained in their usage of work-family policies. An organization may intend to structure and define policies that will assist work-family balance. However, if this message is communicated in an unsatisfactory way or delivered in a hostile departmental climate, the perceptions of the individuals may be that the policy is not usable. Susan Eaton (2003) labels this construct perceived usability. She found that some employees did not feel free to use the policies they theoretically enjoyed. Even when valid and well-structured policies/programs existed, the usability of these policies was significantly hindered when individuals felt that using these policies would inhibit their career (Eaton, 2003).

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