Negative and Positive Crossover between Spouses


  • Mina Westman, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2020


There is ample evidence that job stress has an impact on workers’ mental and physical well-being. Little attention, however, has been paid to workers’ significant others’ reactions. Job stress arises when demands exceed abilities, while job-related strains are reactions or outcomes resulting from the experience of stress. In this entry we focus on the impact of one’s stress on the partner’s stress or strain. We will start with the basic concepts and definitions, we will then relate to the importance of crossover to work-family issues, we’ll then elaborate on the up to date body of knowledge and sum up with implications for practice and research in the work-family arena.

Link: Negative and Positive Crossover between Spouses