Measurement of the Work-Family Interface


  • Melissa A. Milkie
  • Kathleen E. Denny
  • Sarah Kendig
  • Scott Schieman

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2010


  • Roles
  • Spillover
  • Work and Family
  • Other


  • Sociology


There are many ways social science scholars examine the connections between people’s work and home lives. The term work-family interface is used to broadly describe the body of research investigating this relationship. Within the work-family interface, scholars examine the nature of the work-family relationship using a variety of terms and concepts, such as work-family conflict, work-family spillover, and work-family balance. The focus of this entry is to explore how several of these work-family interface constructs are measured and operationalized.

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