Interpersonal Aspects of Justice in Workplace Flexibility Enactment


  • Špela Trefalt

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2010


  • Business Case
  • Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility
  • Work and Family


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  • Gender Studies


Workplace flexibility is individuals’ ability to make choices influencing when, where, and for how long they work (Hill et al., 2008). It is an important tool that organizations afford to their employees to help them to manage their work and non-work demands and to reduce work-nonwork conflict. In workplace flexibility enactment, the process through which individuals make use of their workplace flexibility, interpersonal fairness concerns arise that may make the process difficult and/or may lead to negative consequences, potentially offsetting the benefits it could yield. Such fairness concerns are the subject of this entry.

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