Information and Communication Technology, Work, and Family


  • Noelle Chesley
  • Britta E. Johnson

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2010


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The importance of technological innovation in shaping work and family life has a long history, and social science investigations in this area are well-established. For example, in Capital, Marx et al. (1936) devote an entire chapter to a discussion of the role of machinery in industrial systems and thus lay the foundation for a discussion of technologically facilitated “deskilling” that is ongoing with the proliferation of computing technology in organizations (see also Braverman, 1998). The development of technological systems in organizations or the implications of technological innovation for organizational practice continue to be of interest (Bailey & Kurland, 2002; Daft, 1988; Duxbury, Towers, Higgins, & Thomas, 2006; Rotella, 1981), even as the technological landscape evolves.

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