Heterosexism and Work-Family Concerns


  • Shaun Pichler, Michigan State University School of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Christina “Tt” King, Boston College Master’s of Social Work Candidate

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2019


Given that the study of heterosexism in the management and organization literature has developed significantly in the past decade, the scope of this review is generally limited to research on heterosexism in U.S. workplaces. Because the purpose of this review is to link research on heterosexism in the workplace to work-family research, the intent of this review is not to comprehensively analyze the literature on gay and lesbian families from the family studies domain.  Central to our purpose is identifying key concepts, definitions, and research literatures related to heterosexism in the workplace, as well as synthesizing study findings in order to make recommendations to researchers, workplace practitioners and policy advocates. The review covers the following topics: 1) an introduction to the concept of heterosexism in the workplace, as well as related concepts, 2) the relevance of heterosexism to work-family research, 3) existing research on heterosexism in the workplace, and 4) potential directions for future research and workplace practice implications.

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