• Scott Coltrane

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2004


  • Changing Families
  • Fathers/ Fatherhood
  • Roles
  • Wellbeing


  • Sociology


Fathers’ family involvement, including interaction, availability, and responsibility, shapes and is shaped by men’s involvement in paid work. Because both parental involvement and workplace participation are shaped by cultural ideals, it is important to understand how fathering and mothering are socially constructed according to gendered ideals in specific historical and cultural contexts. In the modern context, the concept of father as good provider (or breadwinner) plays an important role in fathers’ family participation. This good provider model, in which fathers fulfill their family obligation by earning money away from home, is a relatively new ideal that did not emerge until the nineteenth century and arguably faded rapidly by the end of the twentieth century (Bernard, 1981).

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