Developing a Work/Life Strategy in a Multinational Enterprise (MNE)


  • Anne Bardoel
  • Helen De Cieri

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2006


  • Business Case
  • Managers/Supervisors


  • Business and Management


This entry examines issues relevant to how multinational enterprises (MNEs) can build a strategic approach to global work/life issues from a human resource management (HRM) perspective. The difficulties of balancing work and family life are experienced all over the world. Amid unprecedented levels of global mergers, acquisitions and international growth, the challenge for HR professionals working in multinational enterprises is to define a global work/life strategy that establishes shared guidelines while allowing for local differences. Although there are a number of common issues faced by working women and men and their families, a global work-life strategy needs to reflect a course of action that is appropriate to the local environment. Effective management of a global workforce includes strategies, such as a global work/life strategy, that will support both globally mobile employees (those required to move across borders for work) and those employed in the local units of an organization.

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