Conservation of Resources Theory 2006


  • Katherine McPadden

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work and Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2006


  • Roles
  • Spillover
  • Stress
  • Work and Family


  • Business and Management


Conservation of resources theory (COR) (Hobfoll, 1988, 1989) is a comprehensive theory of stress based on the central tenet that people strive to obtain, build, and protect that which they value (e.g., resources), and psychological stress occurs when these resources are lost, threatened with loss, or if individuals fail to replenish resources after significant investment. Resources may be objects (e.g., home, car), personal characteristics (e.g., positive outlook), conditions (e.g., good marriage, financial security) and energies (e.g., time, knowledge). A cycle develops where resources are constantly used and replenished.

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