Communication Work-Life Research


  • Caryn Medved

Document type: Encyclopedia Entry

Appears in: Work-Family Encyclopedia

Year: 2010


  • Economy
  • Gender
  • Public Policy
  • Race
  • Social Networks


  • Family Studies
  • Labor Studies


The goal of this encyclopedia entry is to review the full breadth of complexly theorized communication work-life research. Scholars in the field of Communication Studies began to address issues related to work and family early in the new millennia (for recent reviews, see Kirby, Golden, Medved, Jorgenson & Buzzanell, 2003; Golden, Kirby, Jorgenson, 2006; Kirby, Wieland & McBride, 2006). And, certainly, communication has been a part of work-life inquiry conducted by scholars from across the academy (e.g., Nippert-Eng, 1996; Risman, 1998; Zvonkovic, Schmiege & Hall, 1994; Zvonkovic, Greaves, Schmiege & Hall, 1996). Yet communication as a unique disciplinary lens or range of theoretical perspectives has yet to be fully integrated into the larger work-life arena as evidenced by its minimal presence in recent multidisciplinary work-life handbooks (e.g., Pitt-Catsouphes, Kossek & Sweet, 2006; Korakik, Lero & Whitehead, 2008).

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