Cross-Country Comparisons


The aim of this networking community is to bring together researchers and practitioners to foster a better understanding of work and family through cross-country comparisons.


  • To bring together researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise with the intent of fostering better understanding of cross-national issues pertaining to work and family.
  • To share research findings based on cross-national comparisons of work-family issues.
  • To foster an exchange of knowledge about the impact of national culture and policies on work and family life.
  • To promote best practices in conducting cross-national work-family research.
  • To produce research that accurately reflects, and is targeted at improving, the work/life experience of people in different parts of the world.
  • To work together to influence governments, service providers, and employers to develop policies and practices that will improve the well-being of workers and their families world-wide.


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Forthcoming. Stay tuned!


Forthcoming. Stay tuned!