Juggling jobs and the kids: maternal multiple job holding and child behavior

Many low-income women face precarious or low-quality employment, andstudies show that low-quality maternal employment is linked with pooreroutcomes for children. This study examines whether maternal multiple jobholding, an understudied facet of employment quality, is associated withchildren's behavior in early childhood. Multiple job holding may affectparental time, well-being or income, all of which may influence childbehavior. [Read More...]

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Relational Work in the Family: The Gendered Microfoundation of Parents’ Economic Decisions.

How do parents decide what goods, experiences, and activities they canafford for their children during times of economic insecurity? This articledraws on 72 in-depth interviews with U.S. professional middle-class familiesin which one parent is unemployed. Extending the concept of relational work,this study illuminates how the microfoundation of economic decisions isgendered. Families where fathers are unemployed [Read More...]

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Mothers’ Preferences for Their Children’s Format for Return to School During the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic: Are There Differences Between Full-Time Employed Mothers and Mothers Who are Not Employed?

The present study assessed factors associated with maternal preferencesfor their children's educational format (i.e., completely in-person,completely online/remote, or hybrid of in-person and online/remote) forreturn to school during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether these associationsdiffered between full-time employed mothers and mothers who were notemployed. Participants were 911 mothers of school-aged children from theUnited States (full-time employed, [Read More...]

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Parental Stress Provoked by Short-Term School Closures During the Second COVID-19 Lockdown

Governments of numerous countries implemented school closures to containthe COVID-19 pandemic. Several investigations have shown the negative impactof social-distancing policies and school closures on children worldwide.Recently, research also demonstrated adverse effects on adults' well-being.The development of children is strongly affected by their parent's emotionalstate. The present study aimed to examine parental stress levels caused by [Read More...]

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New Book: Work Matters: How Parents’ Jobs Shape Children’s Well-Being

Work Matters:  How Parents’ Jobs Shape Children’s Well-Being by Maureen Perry-Jenkins, 2022 Princeton University Press How new parents in low-wage jobs juggle the demands of work and childcare and the straightforward ways that employers can help. Low-wage workers make up the largest group of employed parents in the United States, yet scant attention has been [Read More...]

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Perceptions of Childhood Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Cognitive Function in Middle and Late Adulthood

Background and Objectives Framed within the life course perspective andthe neighborhood stress model, this study investigated the associationbetween perceptions of childhood neighborhood social cohesion and cognitivefunction among middle-aged and older Chinese adults. We also examined whethergender, childhood hukou status, the Chinese national administrative householdregistration system, and birth cohort moderated the association. ResearchDesign and Methods This [Read More...]

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Workplace Violence Against Adolescents, Uganda, 2014-2019

Objectives. To describe the prevalence of and risk factors for workplaceviolence among Ugandan adolescents. Methods. The analysis focused onadolescents recruited at primary schools who participated in the endlinesurvey of a trial in 2014 (at ages 11-14 years) and were followed up in2018-2019 (at ages 17-19 years). The analysis was restricted to those engagedin past-year paid [Read More...]

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Are We Doing Enough to Prevent and Respond to Workplace Violence Against Adolescents?

The authors comment on workplace violence against adolescents. Topicsdiscussed include increase in the number of children in hazardous work since2016, intersecting structural factors that may increase both the likelihoodof adolescents working and the propensity for the risk of violence againstchildren and young people, and four main forms of workplace violence.

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Parental migration and care for left‐behind children in Myanmar’s Dry Zone.

Myanmar's population has been on the move at an unprecedented level since 2011. Given the country's lack of data infrastructure, little is known about how parental migration affects children in Myanmar's migration-source areas. Based on the 2017 Dry Zone Migration Impact Survey, this study examines the extent to which parental migration is associated with the [Read More...]

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Parental breakup and children’s outcomes in the United States.

Objective This study investigates differences between health trajectories of children of divorce or separation and children of continuously married families. Background Over the past 50 years, during which fewer children grew up in families with both biological parents, there has been an increased academic interest to understand how children fared in alternative family structures. Method This [Read More...]

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