Please mark your calendars and plan to be with the Work and Family Researchers Network on June 19-22, 2024 at Concordia University in Montreal Canada.  

The 2024 conference theme is Big Questions in Work-Family, which will be part of a two-year agenda. These are the cutting-edge global questions that are not yet fully answered or recognized, including:

  1. CHANGES IN WORK – What are the meanings of work at different life stages, for different groups, and in different kinds of jobs? How is work organized? What is the future of work and for whom?
  2. CHANGES IN FAMILY LIFE – How are families and family experiences changing around the globe and what changes might we expect? For example, fertility rates are declining in high-income countries and there are reports of an epidemic of loneliness. What other changes are evident and what are the implications?
  3. CHANGES IN WORK-LIFE INTERFACE: What theories, concepts, and measures best explain new and emerging intersections between work and family?
  4. THE LIFE COURSE – How do changes in work and family impact children and their capacities to enter adult roles, for adults to successfully navigate transitions, and for older populations to age well?
  5. SOLUTIONS AND PROMISING PRACTICES – What are the most promising solutions in policy and practice in the global north and south? What are the challenges and best opportunities for advancing equity and social justice?

The conference’s objective is to chart an agenda for the future of work-family research, policy and practice. In addition to sharing new research and seeking answers to big questions, this will be a working conference, fostering active participation and connectivity among diverse groups. We anticipate more than 500 work-family stakeholders in attendance and a dynamic program centered on meaningful exchange.  There will be numerous events to connect a global community of scholars with thought leaders in media, philanthropy, practice, policy, and social change.

With excitement about the years ahead,

Ellen Galinsky, WFRN President

Submissions for the 2024 conference closed on November 15, 2023. We regret that we cannot accept any addition submissions.


For those traveling to Canada from abroad, we strongly encourage you to apply for visas immediately. 

You can register for the 2024 conference by following this link:


Registration Fees and Timing

All conference attendees are expected to register and become WFRN members.  Those presenting papers must be paid registrants no later than March 1, 2024, otherwise (owing to logistical concerns) their papers/sessions will be removed from the conference program.

Membership Categories and Fees

  • Student Membership 2024 – $99
  • Low Income Membership 2024 -$109
  • Emeritus Membership 2024 – $169
  • Regular Membership 2024 – $215
  • Sustaining Membership 2024 – $329
  • Organization Partner Not For Profit – $569
  • Organization Partner For Profit – $952

On Time (Before March 1, 2024) Registration Categories and Fees

  • Student Member Registration 2024 – $219
  • Low-income Member Registration 2024 – $225
  • Emeritus Member Registration 2024 – $349
  • Regular Member Registration 2024 – $359
  • CUWFA Member Registration 2024 – $359
  • Non-member Registration 2024 – $665.00

Late (After March 1, 2024) Registration Categories and Fees

  • Late Student Member Registration 2024 -$279
  • Late Low-Income Member Registration 2024 – $289
  • Late Emeritus Member Registration 2024 – $409
  • Late Regular Member Registration 2024 –  $419
  • Late CUWFA Member Registration 2024  – $419
  • Late Non-Member Registration 2024 – $725

Financial Support

The WFRN is pleased to offer discounted membership and registration fees to students, those with low incomes, and emeriti.  If you are a work-family researcher or work-family student with financial need, please contact the WFRN Executive Office at explaining your circumstances.  The generous support of WFRN members and donors makes it possible to provide a limited number of reduced or waived membership/registration fees.

Are you coming to Montreal but are not a Canadian citizen?  Check your passport now, as you will need it to enter the country (including from the United States).  For information on travel requirements to Canada, please see this website.


WFRN Global South Travel Award

To maximize geographic diversity within the Global South, the WFRN Global South Travel Award is intended to help scholars from economically-disadvantaged locales secure financial support to attend the WFRN’s biennial conference.  Awards include a regular membership ($215) and conference registration ($359), as well as reimbursement of $500 for travel expenses incurred (which can include hotels, food, flights, ground transportation, and visa fees).

Selection of award recipients will be based upon applicant’s alignment of research program with work-family scholarship (with the goal of building lifelong members in WFRN) and individual financial need.

Eligible applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Has an active scholarly program that focuses on work-family concerns
  • Has submitted a session, paper, poster or roundtable to the biennial conference
  • Resides and works in an economically disadvantaged country
  • Demonstrates financial need that would inhibit conference attendance

Awards recipients will be selected on the basis of

  • Need
  • Demonstrated commitment to work-family scholarship
  • Maximizing geographic diversity with support to scholars from the Global South

Conference registration and membership fees will be funded or refunded prior to the conference. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the conference by submitting receipts and verification of attendance to the WFRN Executive Office.

Through the generous donations of members and sponsors, the WFRN anticipates awarding 4 or more travel awards in 2024.  Application deadline is January 15, 2024 and award recipients will be notified by February 15, 2024.  Award recipients are selected by the WFRN’s International Committee.

To apply for the award, please click this link:

Early Career Work and Family Fellowship Program

The Work and Family Researchers Network is committed to mentoring the next generation of work and family scholars. Our Early Career Fellowship Program provides support for recent doctoral recipients to advance their research, teaching, and long-term career prospects. By offering networked resources and consultation, we help promising new scholars move into tenure-track, tenured appointments and secure senior-level positions, as well as engage them with the work and family community of scholars.

Call for Applications

The Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) is seeking applicants for its 2024-2025 Early Career Work and Family Fellowships. The goal of the program is to help promising young scholars establish career successes and integrate them within the WFRN research community.  Fellows receive a 2024 membership in the WFRN, conference registration, and $250 to attend an Early Career Fellowship Preconference (June 19, 2024) and the 2024 WFRN Conference (June 20-24, 2024) in Montreal, Canada. To be eligible, candidates must have received their doctorate in 2019 or later and have yet to progress into tenured or secure senior level positions.  Work-family scholars with doctorates granted in the last three years are especially encouraged to apply.

Submit Your Application

The application deadline of October 15, 2023 has passed and we are not accepting any additional applications.  Questions about applications can be directed to the Executive Officer Stephen Sweet at

Application Preparation Guidance

Applicants are advised to illuminate specific circumstances that relate to the impact that participation in the Early Career Fellowship program might have on their own careers.  In your application you will be asked to report information on your doctoral work, current employment, reasons for applying to the program, likelihood of attending the 2024 WFRN conference and ECF preconference, interest in working collaboratively with other fellowship recipients, research interests and teaching interests.

On June 19, 2024 the WFRN will hold a Pre-Doctoral Preconference at the Concordia University in Montreal Canada.  This will be a set of workshops intended to help graduate students form meaningful connections, navigate education-to-career transitions, learn about publication strategies, as well as how to engage with stakeholders such as organizational leaders or policy advocates.

The Pre-Doctoral Preconference is being organized by former and current WFRN Board Members Wen Fan and Jaeseung Kim. Questions can be directed to the organizers.  Space is limited.  Please apply at the link below to reserve your spot at this event.  Those selected to attend the preconference will be notified in March 2024.
Application Deadline is December 1, 2023
The application deadline of December 1, 2023 has passed and we are not accepting any additional applications.  Questions about applications can be directed to the Executive Officer Stephen Sweet at


We look forward to lively exchanges focused on the big questions in work and family research.  To do so, we are planning as follows.

Proximate to May 2024, all those whose proposals have been accepted—presenters—will be invited to submit an abstract that briefly summarizes their research:  question/topic, methods (sample and measures), findings and implications.

These abstracts will posted online and will provide session participants, moderators and audience members an opportunity to review detailed abstracts in the final online program in advance of event as well as during each session.  We have created this process so that presenters can focus on the big questions and have time for discussion without becoming mired down in having to present every detail of their work.

Accepted papers will be grouped together in sessions typically including 4 presentations. In the application process, we are asking presenters whether they would also agree to moderate sessions. Thus, each session will have a moderator (who will usually be a presenter).

In order to create a more interactive experience, we have structured this year’s conference so that presentation will ideally last for 12 minutes (15 minutes at most).  This will enable moderators to field some questions specific to your presentation.  Please practice your presentation in advance of the conference so that your presentation does not impinge on the time needed by other presenters and discussion.  Rooms will be equipped with a computer and LCD projector.

Instructions for Session Moderators

  1. Signal to presenters that they have reached the 12-minute mark where their presentation should be concluded. Make sure that no presentation goes beyond 15 minutes.
  2. So long as the presenter has timed their presentation to be 12 minutes (15 minutes at most), there will be time for 5 minutes of question and answers. Please stop all presentations at the 15-minute mark.
  3. Following all of the presentations in your session, if you wish to, you can share your perspectives on individual papers or the insights generated by considering all presentations together.
  4. Please make sure to provide opportunities for exchange among the members of the audience and the entire panel of presenters after the final presenter has received their 5 minutes of questions and answers. At that time, we would ideally like you to facilitate a discussion that considers the big questions raised by the presenters and the topic of the session.
  5. Please ask a member of the audience (or a presenter) to bullet some key points from your discussion. We would like each session to contribute toward creating a research agenda for the work-life field.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

In the presentation hall, there will be easels on which you can hang your posters.  Each easel will have a 3 foot by 4 foot rigid poster board, on which posters can be affixed.  Thumb tacks and clips will available in the presentation hall.  Easels will not be pre-assigned.  Please plan to hang your poster on any available easel in advance of the beginning of your poster session and remove your poster at the conclusion of the session.

Networking Dinners

The WFRN helps scholars, across all career stages, connect with others with shared research interests.  One way we do this is by organizing Networking Dinners at the Biennial Conference.  At these events, members of the WFRN community are formed into small groups of approximately 6 individuals and meet at restaurants for conversation and enjoyment.

This year Networking Dinners are scheduled for 7pm Friday June 21, 2024 with parties meeting at venues of their own choosing.  The WFRN will post a number of dining options that are walking distance from Concordia University (455 Blvd. De Maisonneuve Ouest) and the conference hotel Le Sheraton (1201 Boul. René-Lévesque O).

To attend a Networking Dinner, you must register your interest no later than May 1, 2024 (see link below).

As you complete the survey, you will be asked which group you would like to join.  We ask that you also consider volunteering to be the group leader, whose responsibilities are to:

  1. Contact your assigned dinner group, identify yourself as the leader.
  2. Propose a venue to your dinner group, being considerate of price and distance from the conference and hotel venues.  The venue you propose does not need to be on the list provided on the WFRN website.  Those are only suggestions.
  3. Secure a reservation at the venue for 7pm Friday June 21, 2024. Please do not make the reservation in the name of the WFRN as that might lead to confusion if other groups also make reservations at that same venue.
  4. Communicate with your group on where and when to meet, logistics of getting to the venue, and your contact information.
  5. Represent your dinner party at the venue and work with servers to provide individual dinner checks to each in your party (so that everyone can get reimbursed by their institutions). Note that the WFRN does not cover dinner expenses.

The WFRN will determine dinner party groups and group leaders.  The WFRN will make initial contact with all dinner party members proximate to May 15.  At that point, management of the Networking Dinners falls to group leaders, who will contact all in their group and work with their group to identify a preferred restaurant.  We advise that reservations be made by June 1, 2024.


Notification Schedule

Original Submission Deadline November 1, 2023

Extended Submission Deadline November 15, 2023

Submission Acceptance Notifications January 15, 2024

Preliminary Program Disseminated March 15, 2024

Final Program Disseminated April 15, 2024

Guidelines for Multiple Submissions

With the exception of invited presentations, presenters are limited to a maximum of one lead or sole author submission. Invited presenters can submit an additional lead or sole author submission. There is no limit to submissions in which presenters are listed as a secondary authors, so long as lead authors intend to register and attend the 2024 conference.

The WFRN has received many inquiries on whether the 2024 conference will be hybrid.  Cost and logistical concerns prevent hybrid presentations or remote attendance in 2024.  The WFRN is committed to disseminating work-family research to the global community through its Virtual Conference Series events.  We will continue to explore options for hybrid elements for future biennial conferences.

The WFRN is pleased to provide free childcare to our conference participants.  Childcare will be available from 8am to 5pm on Thursday June 20 and Friday June 21, 2024 on-site at Concordia University.  Childcare will be provided by Kidtabulous, and include games and fun activities.

Participants must sign up for childcare services no later than May 1, 2024.  The WFRN will contact you shortly there-after and provide any needed forms and additional information.  Space is limited.  If requests outnumber capacity, childcare services will be assigned in the order in which requests were submitted.  Therefore please submit your request at your earliest opportunity.

To sign up for childcare services at the 2024 conference, click this link:

Book Your Room at Sheraton Le Centre Montreal Hotel

The WFRN has secured a limited number of discount rooms at the Sheraton Le Centre Montreal Hotel from Monday June 17 to Sunday June 23.  Reservations must be received by April 17 to be eligible for the discount rate of $289 Canadian or approximately $231 USD (regular rate is approximately $400 Canadian/ $320 USD).  If it is in your capacity to do so, we encourage participants to consider staying at the Sheraton.  If you are not able to secure your rooms at the Sheraton, please contact us at and we will try to work with the hotel to open more rooms within our block.


Book Your Room at Sheraton Le Centre Montreal Hotel

Book Your Room at Concordia University (Student Housing)

The WFRN has secured limited very low-cost rooms on the Concordia campus (student housing).  To book your room, visit the accommodation website to easily reserve online:  Room rates are approximately $61-$87 USD ($76-$109 Canadian)

  • To benefit from a 10% discount, use the following COUPON code: WFRN24
  • To see the maximum number of room types available change the default setting from 2 to 1 adult.
  • The discount is valid from June 17 to June 23, 2024.
  • There is no block, so rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Reserve early.

Other Options

The 2024 conference is located within walking distance or short driving distance from many hotels.  Some of these hotels are listed below, along with estimated distances from the Concordia University Conference Center and estimated room charges.

Hotel Name Street Address Distance Est. Prices
Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown-Hotel Europa 1240 Drummond St 700 Meters 169 CAD
Best Western Ville-Marie Montreal Hotel & Suites 3407 Peel St 850 meters 127 CAD
Chateau Versailles Hotel 1659 Rue Sherbrooke O 400 Meters 163 CAD
Comfort Suites Downtown 1214 Crescent St 550 Meters 175 CAD
Embassy Suites by Hilton Montreal 208 Rue Saint-Antoine O 2.3 KM 189 CAD
Holiday Inn & Suites Monteal Centre-Ville 1390, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest 600 Meters 246 CAD
Hotel Espresso Montreal 1005 Guy St 500 Meters 156 CAD
Hotel Omni Mont-Royal 1050 Sherbrooke St W 850 Meters 263 CAD
InterContinental Montreal, an IHG Hotel 360 Rue Saint-Antoine O 2.1 KM 220 CAD
Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel IN ROOM BLOCK 1201 René-Lévesque Blvd W 900 Meters 289 CAD
Le Square Phillips Hôtel & Suites 1193 R. du Square-Phillips 1.5 KM 242 CAD
Le St-Martin Montreal Hotel Particulier 980 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest 600 Meters 245 CAD
Novotel Montreal Centre 1180 Rue de la Montagne 700 Meters 273 CAD
Pierce Hotel by Simplissimmo 1650 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest 130 Meters 200 CAD
Residence Inn By Marriott Montreal Downtown 2045 Peel St 700 Meters 218 CAD
W Montreal 901 Rue du Square-Victoria 2 KM 326 CAD
Warwick Le Crystal 1100 Rue de la Montagne 700 Meters 251 CAD

The WFRN welcomes members of the media to the 2024 conference.  If you are a journalist who covers work, family and work-family and would like to attend the event, please contact the Executive Office at

The WFRN recognizes the Well Woman Show as a 2024 sponsor.

In the forthcoming months, The Well Woman Show interview distinguished WFRN conference delegates.  To hear these interviews, please follow this link

The WFRN expresses gratitude to our partners and sponsors, who provided generous support to make the 2024 conference possible.




Friends and Organization Partners